Redsys ATCA Platform

Redsys ATCA Platform ZYNX Switch Series

RadiSys Acquires Intel's MCPD Assets
We are pleased to announce that RadiSys has acquired assets from Intel's Modular Communications Platforms Division. With over 20 years of telecommunications innovation, TL9000 certification, recognition as an Intel Embedded and Communications Alliance Premier member, and customer service excellence to the most demanding customers worldwide, RadiSys is uniquely qualified to support you and your telecommunications requirements.
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Active Products


Promentum MPCBL0050
Dual Core Xeon processor module
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Promentum MPCBL0040
Dual-core Xeon Compute Processing Module
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Promentum MPCBL0020
Pentium M processor with 3 PMCs
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Legacy Products

MPCHC0001 14U Shelf
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MPCMM0001 Chassis Management Module
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MPCMM0002 Chassis Management Module
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