Signaling Serer & Gateway

Dialogic® Distributed Signaling Interface (DSI) Signaling Servers enable affordable, high-performance, distributed, cross-platform, cross-operating system signaling applications. DSI Signaling Servers are available to perform these distinct functions in carrier networks:

  • The Dialogic® DSI Signaling Interface Unit (SIU) provides signaling connectivity for distributed, multi-system-based telecom applications. The DSI SIU offloads signal processing from application servers and can run a wide range of signaling protocols (including specific local variants), enabling worldwide deployment in a variety of applications. These units are ideal for solutions where a high throughput of signaling traffic is required.
  • The Dialogic® DSI Signaling Gateway (SGW) is a key building block in next-generation networks and service platforms, providing an interface between SS7 and IP networks.Models are available for a variety of SS7 network connectivity technologies and densities.
  • The Dialogic® DSI SS7G21 Signaling Server connects from 2 to 12 T1/E1 ports, or 2 to 6 V.11 ports, and can manage 4 to 12 SS7 low-speed links.
  • The Dialogic® DSI SS7G22 Signaling Server can connect from 4 to 12 T1/E1 ports and manage 64 to 128 channelized SS7 links.

Signaling W/S Signaling Serer & Gateway Signaling Boards



Form Factor

SS7 links

Signaling Servers

Signaling Interface Unit (SIU) software provides an interface to SS7 networks for distributed application platforms via LAN. Supports SS7 MTP and User Parts (ISUP, SCCP, TCAP, MAP, IS41 / IS826, INAP / CAMEL), BICC and SIGTRAN M2PA and M3UA protocols.



Signaling Gateways

Signaling Gateway (SGW) software provides an interface between SS7 and IETF SIGTRAN/IP networks. Supports SS7 MTP and SIGTRAN M3UA and M2PA protocols.