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Dialogic Converged Services Platforms (CSP) are high-performance, carrier-grade, and open programmable media platforms with integrated signaling capabilities for delivering enhanced telecommunications services.

DMG Series IMG Series CSP/IPN/DSP Series MSP Series


CSP 2090

A multi-board chassis with twenty slots that can support up to 2,048 physical voice channels over TDM or IP interfaces or combinations of TDM and IP ports. Can scale up to 14,000 channels with seven nodes that provide the capabilities of a large logical switch.

CSP 2040

A multi-board chassis with seven slots. It uses the same boards as the CSP 2090 and the same system software. Supports up to 1,024 physical voice channels for TDM, IP, or TDM/IP combined solutions.

IPN Series 3

An IP plug-in line card that enables the CSP Platforms to support IP, performing two-way gateway conversion between circuit-switched and packet-switched media.

DSP Series 2 Plus

A card that provides fully integrated, high-performance media processing for the CSP Platforms.

CSP SwitchKit

A high-level software development environment designed to speed up application creation on Dialogic® Converged Services Platforms (CSP); also provides a set of integrated tools for OAM&P.