MSP Series

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The Dialogic MSP 1010 Multi-Services Platform is suitable for deployment in TDM, IP, and converged networks as a service node, intelligent peripheral, and application server. Supporting the same API as the popular Dialogic® Converged Services Platforms (CSP), the MSP 1010 offers a modern, modular design in a small (1U) footprint with an excellent price/performance ratio, easy scalability, and GUI-based installation and maintenance.

DMG Series IMG Series CSP/IPN/DSP Series MSP Series


Dialogic® MSP 1010 Multi-Services Platform

A flexible, high-density media resource platform with integrated signaling capabilities, which is designed to enable developers to bring new services to market quickly and cost-effectively.

MSP SwitchKit

A high-level software development environment designed to speed up application creation on the Dialogic® MSP 1010 Multi-Services Platform; also provides a set of integrated tools for OAM&P.